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MommyCon 2015


Baby Wearing, Breastfeeding and Boutique's is what you will find at MommyCon!  Talk about a really awesome group of people.  We just finished up our 2nd MommyCon for 2015 and we are so excited to have been included in this great convention.   

With my first child, who is now just over 2, I didn't do much baby wearing.  I had a carrier, but I found it to be bulky and not the most comfortable thing for me or my daughter.  Well, let me tell you what, I saw some of the most amazing. comfortable. stylish. baby carriers at MommyCon and I can not wait to babywear my next child a lot more!  I was taken back by how calm and content some of these babies and toddlers were in their parents' carrier (and yes I say parents, because there are Dad's carrying babies too!).  I have started to notice since then how much my 2 year old asks me to hold her when I'm doing something around the house - how convenient one of those babywearing carriers would be - she of course is grown out of the carrier I have. 

I also noticed how many mom's were breastfeeding, which I think is absolutely amazing too!  I was only able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter until she was 3 months old, because once I went back to work it was very hard for me to keep my supply up with a rotating 12 hour shift schedule.  Anyways, I did the best I could, but these women are truly inspiring and my goal is to exclusively breastfeed the first year with my next baby.  The most inspiring part about seeing all the women breastfeeding is to know that it is becoming more popular with new moms and they know they have a support system.  Which we all know is key to success when being a mom - a strong support system!  

Last but not least, there are some really cool items you can buy at MommyCon too!  Between the MommyCon Boutique and the vendors selling items, it is a natural parenting shoppers dream come true.  I saw some really neat non-toxic finger paints and playdough from Wee Can Too.  I actually bought these food grade silicone toppers that turn any glass into a cup with a straw.  Pretty nice to have in the diaper bag, purse or car for an emergency when out and about.  Although, of course now my daughter seems to be mastering drinking out of a regular cup, but you never know what mood might strike a 2 year old :)  We sell our products at the show, however we like to spend time educating parents on the importance of organic skin care and how babies accumulate up to 50% of their lifetime cancer risk before age 2.  It is a pretty moving fact and while we can't control all the toxins and chemicals they come in contact with from the air and environmental things we don't have control over, we can control what we put on their skin and in their mouths.  We also offer parents the opportunity to sign up for our mailing list and we will send them a coupon code for a complimentary Shoosha USDA Organic Protective Diaper Balm!  

All in all, MommyCon is a great convention & we look forward to participating in 2016!  Hopefully we will see you in your city :)


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  • Nicole Reed
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