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Learning Baby Sign Language

Wouldn’t it be great if your baby could tell you what they need or want? Baby Sign Language can help bridge the gap before your baby starts to talk.

I was on Facebook one day and saw a post about a class called Tiny Signs. There was a free webinar coming up with Lane Rebelo (the founder & owner of Tiny Signs) that I could take to learn more about it. After watching the webinar I was so excited to start learning more about baby sign language and how to teach my daughter Francesca how to sign. I signed up for the six week class the same night. Lane has constructed the class so that you can move at your own pace, which is amazing because I am a working mom that doesn’t always have the same schedule every week.

I started week one – step one, where the theme is to “Prepare.” This step helps you learn the building blocks of baby sign language so that you are ready to start signing with your baby and your family. I then moved on to pick our first four signs that were relevant in our lives, and that would be easy for me to use every day with Francesca. I chose: milk, eat, dog, and light. After about a week and a half of signing with Francesca she started to sign back, it was amazing!! Now she tells me when she wants milk, when she sees dogs she signs, she shows everyone where the lights are, and we have moved on to many other signs. You would be surprised how many signs your baby will learn and understand so quickly.

This experience for my family has been remarkable. It is not only a way for us to communicate with our baby, but is has been a way for our family to bond more.

Lane is offering a special discount for us, which is valid through 8/31/15. Save $50 when you sign up for Tiny Signs Online by using the coupon code SHOOSHA at checkout and pay just $97 to access everything you need to teach your baby sign language.  Not only do you get the class when you sign up, but you also gain access to a private group on Facebook, where you can communicate with other families that have or are taking the class. You also can ask questions and get feedback from Lane Rebelo herself, as well as other moms and dads that may have had the same experiences. Please take a look at the video below to learn your first signs, Lane has put together a video that will teach you all about Bath time signs.

Also - Shop our website for 25% off using TINYSIGNS25 :)


  • Linda Laurello-Bambarger
  • Baby BlogBathtime RoutineBondingFamilyFunMom tipsSign Language

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