• Summer Salad Recipes!
  • Kristen Rogers

Summer Salad Recipes!

Hello Summer! During this season we love to enjoy lighter, vibrant, and colorful meals and what better way to do so than in a refreshing salad! The following are our favorite salad's that are healthy and bursting with flavor!
This dish is bright, textured, and can easily be made vegetarian! 
How fun is this salad?!  This visually appealing yet healthy salad is great for kids as it's colourful, sweet and could easily be finger food! You can also share this perfectly plated dish at a summer party!
This salad is great for bringing to a bbq, picnic, or any sort of summer event! It's sweet and crunchy making it perfect for a hot summer's day!
Try to buy all the ingredients organic and local as possible for our Summer Salad picks! They are what make these dishes extra healthy and more tasty! Don't forget to let us know what are some of your favorite summer recipes are in the comments too!


  • Kristen Rogers

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